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SILK SCARF 135×135 cm
540,00 PLN z VAT
About Them, From Him LOVLI SILK X PIOTR VIENIO Mothers, Nourishers, Warriors. Solo and in duet. Always in the center and always out. Lovers, friends, partners. Muses. Always running and always motionless. All of you. No matter where you are or what you are like. I admire you. And this collage is about you. It is about you. About your strength, your energy, your weaknesses, your fears. One sentence that encapsulates it all. I transferred my collage on silk because it is a magical fabric. Airy and light, yet incredibly durable.  Silk is a woman.  

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Size chart

Front length central (cm)
Bust circumference (cm)
Waist circumference (cm)
Hip circumference (cm)
Sleeve circumference (cm)

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